is a sleep consultant worth it? a new client’s perspective

I am single mom of twin boys who are now 14 weeks corrected. I have an appointment with their Pediatrician next week and provided I get the green light, I am going forward with teaching them to sleep. Some of you may have noticed that I have recommended Pam Nease Sleep in the past. Why now? Why Pam’s company?   1) I am frugal and good with my money. I will be honest, when I first looked at her prices, I said to one of my friends who recommended her, she is expensive. Then I sat down and really thought about it. If I hired a Night Nanny to come and help me for a few nights, sure I would get some rest, but it would be temporary. If I went away to a Hotel and left the boys with my parents or good friends, the same applies. By investing in Pam’s services, I will get good sleep each and every night. One of my friends hired her 7 years ago, and her son still sleeps. For a twin package, her rate is normally $595.00 plus $200.00 (she does not charge double when you have a sibling) = $795.00 plus 5% GST = $834.75. Yes, I get it. It looks like a lot of money at first … but over 7 years … it works out to $119.25 = 32 cents per night and if you really think about it … it is more like 16 cents since I have two kids. My sleep is worth it and more importantly, their sleep is. I have not even factored in naps. When I compare it to the money I have spent on their cribs, their stroller and car seats, it is a bargain and something that will last much longer.

“I am stuck at home. We all are. I am going to use this time wisely”

2) I am a planner and I am frugal. I am thinking ahead.  If I have to miss a day of work because they did not sleep well, that is going to add up … FAST. You still have to pay for daycare even if your child does not go.  Plus, I recently learned that healthy sleep boosts one’s immune system and that I am hoping to prevent as many colds and flus as possible for my boys. If they have to stay home because they can’t go, that is also going to get costly especially if I hire someone to come and look after them so I can go back to work. Yes, I am looking at a Nanny as an option, but if they get sick, she is going to get sick too and I am going to have to miss work or bring in someone.  3) By comparison, I have it good. It is not that bad, but the last few nights have been HARD and I would rather be proactive rather than reactive. I do not want it to get worse. One of boys was crying hysterically and it was no fun for me and now when I think about it … how much fun was it for him? If there is a way to improve the situation, I am going to do it. 4) I value professional advice and expertise. Sure, I could get a book and try and save money … but do I really have the time to read a 300 page book? And what kind of results will I get? I also am starting to look at it like I would with say … piano lessons … that is a skill that I would like them to learn one day that could last a lifetime. I will hire a teacher to help them learn. According to Pam, sleep is also a skill and I want my boys to learn it sooner rather than later. It will make their lives so much easier and healthier and mine too.  5) I do my research. Pam’s company came highly recommended and she has been helping families full time since 2009. I trust my friend’s advice but I also checked out her website, read her google reviews and had a free initial telephone consultation.  6) I am stuck at home. We all are*. I am going to use this time wisely.  *in reference to the COVID-19 global health crisis in Spring 2020. 

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